The magic of Autumn is upon us

The magic of Autumn is upon us

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Posted: Mon, 08 Oct 2012 08:35

The magic of Autumn is upon us

It's been a busy summer and the weather's been mixed as we all know, but I was lucky enough to enjoy a holiday in Eskdale myself on the pretence that 'more live' test runs were needed at Church House!

So accompanied by my very long time friend Rhian from school, we two busy hassled mums (more bedraggled than Boden!), four children of varying ages from 8-15 years, and one very excited dog (a well behaved/supervised pet is allowed at our cottages by prior arrangement!) made our way up to the Eskdale Valley.

We had a wonderful week – I don't know who enjoyed it the most?! Having spent childhood holidays with Rhian in Eskdale it was her first visit back to the valley and she said her return visit was 'deja vu'. The valley hadn't changed except we had! We may have felt it at times, but we definitely weren't 16 years old again!

We made daily picnics, trundled along on 'La'al Ratty' and walked back to base over the fells. The dog couldn't believe his luck, as Rhi and I cooked dinner in the evening, kids showered in the outside shower and then took the ever ready canine down to the stepping stones for a little extra adventure until dinner was served.

The boys slept in the Bothy on the bunk and the girls slept in the luxury of the house. Ivor the dog slept in the utility and he definitely snored the loudest of us all!

Rhian was aghast when I told her there was no internet connection at Church House and patchy mobile phone reception. Being self-employed and living close to London, she was panicking! Through choice, Church House is our only cottage without Wi-Fi.

Rhian updated her iPhone at the open all hours Brook House over a quick coffee or a stronger drink depending on the time of day. I made the occasional essential call on the pub's pay phone too – it seemed a long time ago since I heard the 'pips go'. However we were predominantly blissfully 'off the radar'.

The week whizzed by as we relaxed. We were outdoors all day and all managed to squash onto the huge sofa in the media room off the kitchen by night. We picked the smallest room for maximum impact – we were glued to the flat screen – embraced by Olympic fever!

Not only were Muncaster Fell, Blea Tarn and the Packhorse road to Wastwater conquered that week, but so were the 'Rotten Romans' and 'Terrible Tudors' jigsaws – easy peasy! We were beaten however by the Herdwick sheep jigsaw bought from Dalegarth Station! If we were there for six months I don't think we'd have cracked it! A challenge to future guests…

We're revamping our hampers to offer you more local produce and some tastes of the things we enjoy – they are complimentary for all guests so please tuck in!

And for any of you that send photos or testimonials of any of our four cottages to our office email, (which we subsequently use on the website), we'll send you a free bottle of our bubbly in return.

Very best wishes

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